mobility - flexibility - wellness

a challenging class, definitely not a general yoga class, we don't do arm balancing etc. We focus on extremely deep stretches, removing aches and compressions that have been developed over time. Some you didn't even know you had. Mainly onL Hamstrings, Inner thighs, Hips, Glutes, Chest, Shoulders, Upper & Lower Back & Spine.

Get the most out of the class, we hold the poses for longer than normal periods of time, breathe using a method that gets our body to respond by being more pliable with time.


best before sleep, NEVER before driving/other exercises as our body will be in a very stretched and relaxed slow reflex state for about 2-4hrs after this class. It has helped people sleep better, and almost instantly* take certain tightnesses away during classes (depending on the issue).

online group

Min 5 - Max 8 people

45 mins 

online private group

Min 3 Max 4 people


45 mins | 60 mins | 90 mins

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