Fast, Slow, Sweat, Go

HIIT Strength:

you'll need 1 resistance band

1 weighted object, your mat, hydration, & energy. We work in intervals, we do low impact to joint exercises that are effectively challenging your strength & endurance. 

No equipment?

We have a class for that, though minimal equipment can usually make a lot of a difference you still can get a great workout!

It's not always about speed, or strength, but how long and how well you can perform an exercise in a given set of reps and timing. Each person is running a race against themselves. We are a supportive, inclusive group class. 

suitable for

people who have no prior serious joint injuries - or are given the medical thumbs up by a medical specialist prior to class.

great for those who love to improve in strength, stamina, endurance, stability & have a good short cool down after.

not suitable for those with serious/chronic medical issues*(depends on situation), pregnancy, or high anxiety.

online group

Min 5 - Max 8 people

45 mins

Friends Taking Selfie