Meera K

Chris is an amazing trainer. She is very good at spotting my form and correcting it; is very friendly and encouraging; and really makes my workouts enjoyable. She is also very patient and willing to repeat movements / instructions till I’ve got them pat down. I’ve gotten so much stronger and healthier since I started training with her. 100% recommend!
service: online pt

Geo & Chris

Christiane is v dedicated and patient. she also knows a lot abt young kids and how to deal with them differently according to their personalities. My kids have been under her for 3 months now n I do see a lot of progress w their water confidence. Thanks for being an awesome coach!! I Highly recommend her for anyone looking for a swim coach esp for their young kids. Mine are 2 and 4.
service: swim (kids)


"Chris is a very patient and fun instructor. She's gentle throughout the session and makes sure that you're not hurting yourself. I started the session with neck muscles that felt tight and sore, and experienced much relaxation with an improved range of motion from her expert guidance. 10/10 would recommend."
service: online pt


"It’s a great pleasure to write a recommendation for Christiane. I’d say she is the perfect trainer for anyone serious about fitness and body maintenance in the most appropriate and natural way. Her knowledge of muscular-skeletal system, general body conditioning techniques, motivation techniques are utmost impressive. She has a great sense of humor and reasonably persuasive to make her clients go the extra mile in achieving their fitness goals. Highly recommended for anyone who serious about staying fit.
THANK YOU for being my trainer !!"
service: in person pt

Melissa M. Y.

Coach Christiane really goes all out in getting her excited to go into and stay in the water. Even on days when my 2 year old daughter is fussy, she never loses her cool and seems to have endless ideas of how to cajole her to keep going. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a coach for their child.
services: swim (kids)


Chris is great! She connects well with people and is very friendly BUT will push you during those workouts ;) hah..she is careful about any injuries you might have had and has an in depth knowledge of post baby workouts. She is also very accommodating with respect to your schedule. I’m enjoying my workouts with her and fingers crossed for a fitter me in the next few months!


Chris is such a bubbly personality! She eases you into the workout routine, making the comfortable enjoyable and the uncomfortable bearable. In a group setting, she pays attention to individual needs and then customise the routine accordingly. Every HIIT session = lots of sweat, too much laughter (because we’re in a group!) and sometimes (just sometimes) very interesting expressions - it’s HIIT, come on!? Chris is also generous with fitness knowledge & tips, always sharing advice when asked. Trust Chris to take care of your personal wellness & fitness needs!

Michelle Chua

Chris listens to your body concerns and tailors the sessions to what your needs are. Also she pushes you beyond your limits but not to extreme exhaustion and that’s typically hard to achieve if you train by yourself. What I like particularly is that there aren’t too many equipments involved, it’s mostly simple exercise using your body weight, that makes it easier to repeat the routine on your own too.

Jai Rachelle

Always a joy to bring my almost 2yo kid to pick up lifelong swimming skills from Chris! She is a bubbly and focus swim teacher who is ever so enthusiastic see the kids at every class, making sure they’re comfortable at their individual pace. Will surely see you again in future! God bless 


"My journey began when I decided that now I am in my 30s I wanted to finally give my health and body the support and structure they so DESPERATELY needed. When I met Chris I was totally focused on loosing weight, which was what I thought was required BUT after our first meeting and the detailed analysis she did it was a shock to realise that what I really needed to do was tone tone tone! The personal touch is present in all aspects of what Chris does, from the training plan to the comments and emails of support. She turns the process as a whole into something enjoyable and more importantly lets me moan as much as I want!"


"This lovely girl helped me achieve a helluva body in time to show them off with a sun-kissed tan on my dream wedding in Bali. The only reason that keeps me from training with her now is the vast ocean and land that separates us. So yes, if you're in Singapore, and getting rather flabby, this angel will have you in a sexy body in no time!
** Disclaimer: of course it doesn't work without a good diet plan and plenty of patience and drive!"


"The reason I got a PT was that I wanted to get into cross training but had no experience. I wanted to get it right in the first place & also have someone pushing me, motivating me & helping me reach my goals. Chris does all of the above. Firstly, we had a very serious meeting, discussing my goals, we took measurements & assessed my fitness level. Then we started our programs. Was amazed at how quickly I saw progress & grew stronger & fitter. Every session I have fun during the work outs & learn a lot. The programs she sent me (during my holiday) through an iPhone app with timers and even number of reps I had been progressing on were invaluable, so as to keep training myself for maintainance during the few months I was away. Chris is very knowledgable about anatomy, she describes in great detail which muscles we are working on & is also very attentive when it comes to previous injuries.I have complete faith in Chris as a personal trainer & would recommend her to anyone"


"I have been doing my workouts with Chris for almost two years now and have recommended her to many friends.
She brings together a rare blend of competence, kindness and attention to detail which was vital for me to get going with my training."


"Chris, works magic! Equipped with the right knowledge in terms of health and fitness which she then customises a programme to your body type & structure. She shows flexibility in terms of exercise changes to preference. Making me feel comfortable, & at ease made it easier to workout.
Yes, she is a fun person to train with, thats what matters most!"


"Chris is a fantastic trainer who pushes you hard enough while being mindful of any injuries you may have. On a personal level she's fun, sociable and easy to get along with. The only reason I don't still train with her is I'm no longer in Singapore because she's the best trainer I've had! Highly recommended"


"Christiane has been a very kind and understanding trainer. She is able to advise on meals prep and exercise regimes very well. Managed to lose some weight and will continue to do so! ♡"


"Christiane motivated and encouraged me to achieve my fitness goals after having my first child. Her knowledge of cardio and strength kept our sessions interesting & motivating. She is a genuine, caring and fun person to train with."

Ying Ying

"Chris is patient and professional trainer. My husband and I enjoy the group workout sessions with her. She’s also helping me for the meal plans so that I have better understanding for the correct portions and the food to makan. Thanks chris!!! "

Eileen Zhong

"Christi is a wonderful trainer! Super professional and very motivating! I enjoyed a lot working out with her!"

Melanie Smith

"Christiane is great. I wanted to tone up my arms and she's taught me lots of great techniques in just a few sessions! Thank you so much. I'll definitely be in touch when I get back to"


"HIIT workout with a trainer like Chris and working out together in a group is definitely much better than doing it alone at home! You’ll never know how much you can actually sweat till you try this."


"Workouts are tough but rewarding and Christiane is great with adjusting moves / routines to each person's strengths and weaknesses. She can also help to create personalised and sustainable meal plans ( !"


"I'm recovering from surgery and was really nervous about getting back into the gym. Christiane is so knowledgeable, professional and creative, I feel confident during our sessions and in my practice afterwards. If you're looking for a trainer who'll push you, encourage you and bring out your best, look no further than Christiane."
(PT client)


"I tried the group trainings once. And Christiane is great. She was patient and made sure she corrected my postures at every step of the way, as I was a beginner to this. I will definitely join her again once my lil girl’s routine is stable."
(Group trial)

Jolene B

"In the time that I've been training with Christiane's guidance, I've learnt that fitness really can fit into my lifestyle, both during sessions and outside with my kids. I've become a self motivated and now am well equipped to go into the maintanance stage on my own. Haven't felt this great since after my recent pregnancy. Thank you for helping me regain my body, and create new curves I thought I'd never have."


"I'm always looking forward to seeing this happy face in the morning for sessions. When looking for a trainer, little did I know I needed to get her in contact with my physiotherapist for my prior injuries and current rehab status. After seeing her updating and working together with the physio, I NOW understand the importance. Strength, energy, stamina, flexibility have improved tremendously within 2 weeks of changes in nutrition and exercises with the use of minimal equipment. Love that even when I travel I can still find a regieme I can do to on the go."

Shravani S

I approached Christiane when my little one was 4 months old. As she specialises in postpartum fitness, she was the best person to consult. Chris is a v sincere trainer. She took great care to assess firstly if I am fit for starting work out after Csection and only after medical approval, she started the work out. I took the trial package from her as I had to travel overseas soon. I was v happy with the trial sessions. They got me back on track physically and emotionally to get into a routine. I would definitely highly recommend Chris to all new mums there who want to get back their lost strength n stamina postpartum.
Thanks Chris !!

Avery Smith

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